Optimizing my Social Presence

This past semester I have been taking a class called Technology in Advertising (CAP 105). This class has definitely been my favorite throughout the semester, I think this is because everything we do is applicable to my future career in advertising as well as right now.

I recently decided to get a minor in photography to fill in the extra credits that I need to graduate. Near the end of the semester I bought a Canon and began practicing. From all of the presenters that we have in my CAP 105 I knew that if I wanted to gain some experience and build my portfolio I had to create a social presence.

One presentation we had was about Social Media Strategy. Jason Taylor from rFactr came to present and gave us some tools and tricks of things that we can use to improve our social media presence.

I learned that to be effective I needed to focus on the audience that I want to reach and post according. For my photography Instagram I look at similar accounts and take note of what content people like. I then use all of my social accounts to promote the content. I use relevant hashtags and follow relevant accounts to put myself within the right audience.


Why Photography, Why Me?

I have recently decided that I am going to get a minor in photography. I have always loved taking photos of nature and people so this was a great excuse for me to buy a nice camera and write it off as educational expenses.

Anyways, for right now I am really excited to get started with photography and I am eager to gain some experience. I am happy to take some photographs at no charge to help me gain experience.

I see it as a fair trade, you get quality photos, and I get to build my portfolio and gain useful skills. My only request is that if you post any photos anywhere , you give me credit by tagging me in the photo as the photographer somewhere in your post.

My Instagram and Twitter are @photosbyallyson. Thanks for your interest and time!

I look forward to some really great photo sessions!